On Thursday the 27st of April, a meeting has taken place of the NIWE (Network Inland Waterways Europe). The meeting was hosted by Lagan Canal  Trust, one of the partners in the NIWE. On the Lagan Valley Island Centre in Lisburn city came 11 representatives from 8 different countries gathered for an interesting agenda.

The agenda was focused on the INTERREG proposals and a working session was held of INTERREG Europe proposal. To support the future of the secondary waterways in Europe the projects support interregional cooperation throughout Europe and helps NIWE in the achievement of the goals through financing. NIWE is discussing the future after Brexit, communication goals and the expanding knowledge center. All partner exchange information related to the waterways and management.

NIWE is currently involved in the North Sea region Interreg programme which will be evaluated in September. The projects of the North Sea Region Interreg programme in which the partners are involved in are in different stages of approval: Blue Hubs, End of Boat Use and Small Hydro-systems. There are still opportunities to involve new partners in these projects. The latest call for projects in the Atlantic Interreg programme has yielded positive conversations between Canal & River Trust, Waterways Ireland and Lagan Canal Trust. New projects are discussed which will all support the development of the total network of smaller waterways in Europe.

The NIWE welcomes a new Member: Guillaume Dury, who represents Voies Navigables de France (VNF) a very experienced INTERREG partner.
The membership is expanding and new partners are welcome.