De Vlaamse Waterweg nv (Flemish Waterways plc) is an autonomous agency of the Flemish government and a limited liability company under public law for the maintenance, operation, management and commercialisation of the inland waterways of the Flemish Region. De Vlaamse Waterweg nv takes care of more than 1.000 km of navigable canals and rivers and almost 6.600 hectares of public domain along these waterways.

Generating prosperity for Flanders

Throughout history, the proximity of rivers and the sea has often been a breeding ground for economic success. Europe’s logistics hub is Flanders, where rivers flow out to the sea. Our location has many benefits, but also poses a number of major challenges. How can we further improve our mobility? How can we protect ourselves against floods? With a dense network of rivers and canals, Flanders holds the key. This is where De Vlaamse Waterweg nv comes in.

We operate the waterways to protect the population from floods and water shortages. With dykes, dams and pump systems, we keep water levels under tight control. Where necessary, we create additional space for water, with due care for the environment, leisure activities and the economy. We further develop the waterways network and improve the navigability of rivers and canals by dredging, adjusting locks and raising bridges. We guide barges smoothly and safely to their destination.

We also promote water transport. Up to 80% of our companies are located within 10 kilometers of a waterway. Our waterways are thus bursting with potential. We communicate this message to people and businesses. But what’s more: we also assist with tapping into new markets and support innovation, thereby building a strong future for inland navigation.

We help businesses to look at different ways of handling their traffic flow. We join forces to promote the construction of business premises along the water as well as new quay walls, thereby creating solutions for improved mobility in Flanders: because the more we transport over water, the more we help to facilitate other traffic flows. As such, we work together to chart the route to a prosperous Flanders.