We are a network of like-minded canal, river and lake waterway operators and promoters who have come together to celebrate and promote the economic, social and environmental benefits of Europe’s Inland Waterways.

In collaboration we:


Celebrate and promote the economic, social and environmental benefits of European Inland Waterways to regional, national and European institutions and partners, through project development and delivery, knowledge transfer and strategic engagement.

Monitor and disseminate among the partners, information on European policy development and EU programmes relevant to improving and promoting European Inland Waterways, and their local economies and communities.

Support NIWE members in taking part in European initiatives. We facilitate their participation in European funding programmes, collectively and separately, including by enabling expert panel and partner matching for EU programme participation.

Promote the exchange of experience and knowledge transfer of innovative services, approaches, products and technologies across the Network and among other relevant organisations and potential members, including organisations representing the private (recreational) waterways sector and the research and technology sector.

Promote stronger engagement with the EU institutions to ensure that the sustainable development potential of European Inland Waterways is fully understood and fully reflected in EU economic, social and environmental policy and programme development.

Work with national and international institutions and organisations to achieve all of this, evidencing the economic, social, environmental and heritage importance of European Inland Waterways to achieving regional, national and European policy and programme objectives.