The Oxyfuel – Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Network is a network of organisations to champion and promote the greener technologies/processes/systems proposed by Interreg North West Europe project, RIVER.

RIVER partners are tasked with setting up an Oxyfuel – CCS Network to promote the project, teaming up with SME’s, manufacturers, environmental groups and other European inland waterway transportation organisations to champion this initiative, sustain the outputs developed and to encourage others to use them to ‘make their waterways greener’.

NIWE is helping RIVER to ‘host’ this transnational network which is being created across NWE and other regions to assist partners with the range of tasks that ensure the project’s visibility.

How are NIWE members are supporting RIVER?

  • To ‘host’ the Oxyfuel – CCS Network – using the NIWE website as the focal point and a space where we place items of interest and for discussion by interested parties.
  • To promote awareness of RIVER’s technology across the rest of NWE and roll out outputs to stakeholders in other regions.
  • To source members for the Network (including) from existing NIWE members.
  • To get ongoing input into/provide expertise for the Network.
  • To inform environmental organisations about the carbon reductions and efficiencies and encourage them to champion the project.
  • To help create a partnership between NWE regions, linking organisations focusing on greener technologies and carbon reduction.
  • To help publicise demonstrations of RIVER technologies to EU companies interested in developing their involvement in IWT and CCS.
  • To help ensure RIVER’s training material encourages marine engine manufacturers to adopt, assimilate and embed technologies and helps boat builders and technicians to fit/retrofit engines.
  • To help ensure RIVER’s technology continuously evolves through research of trends in green technology and regulations (RIVER partners (VNF, Haropa, Laffei, WNB, Flemish Inland Waterways) are compiling an inventory of other European organisations involved in inland waterway transportation, CCS technology in which the results of the project can be structurally embedded).
  • To help ensure RIVER’s technology remains aligned with NRMM regulations that manufacturers need to meet to obtain type-approval of their engines (a prerequisite for placing their engines on the EU market).

What is the potential of market uptake for RIVER technologies?

RIVER partners have put together a questionnaire to collect information about the potential market uptake for the RIVER technologies developed and trialled in the project. They want to find out more about the market the IWT market and ask for information from each country of the project.

NIWE is supporting RIVER aby asking members to fill out the questionnaire and/or forward the link directly by email to other contacts in the industry.

The survey is accessible via this link:


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