Great news from the Green WIN project as the 4 tonne tank (with lid) was recently delivered to the Université de Liège.

General layout of the test bench

The tank is a key component of the Green WIN ‘Test Bench’ where a range of submersible pumps and innovative solutions can be tested. Manufacturers kept going despite the Covid restrictions to construct the shell of the tank, which has a 3m inside diameter and is 4.5m tall.

For several weeks, technicians and Green WIN staff from the university were prevented from working in the laboratory to assemble other components of the Test Bench, because this work (carrying, cutting and welding heavy loads such as large pipes …) needed several technicians to work in close contact.

Submersible pump to be tested – will be lifted by a forklift truck and brought inside the tank. The bridge crane will then be used to handle and position the pump inside the tank.

Image shows the forklift truck bringing the pump below the bridge crane.

Things started to return to normal in June however, and with luck the Test Bench will be ready for operation in October 2020.

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