Chair – no organization Nico van Lamsweerde
IR Tipparary County Council Roisin O’Grady
DK The inland waterway of Randers Fjord/Gudenaa River Anne-Mette Knattrup
NO Telemark County Council Pål Kleffelgård
SE Värmland County Administrative Board Katarina Nordmark
SE Region Värmland Nina Hojdefors
UK Canal & River Trust Stephen Higham
Chris Barnett
UK Cotswold Canals Trust Ken Burgin
Val Kirby
IT Civita dell’Acqua Eriberto Eulisse
Francesco Calzolaio
UK Scottish Canals Russell Thomson
David Lamond
UK MBACT Richard Dommett
Roger Francis
NL Waterrecreation Netherlands Manon van Meer


Welcome and Opening

Nico welcomes everybody in the Fielden House which is part of the Parliamentary Estate.

The meeting is opened by Lord German President of the Monmouthshire, Brecon and Abergavenny Canals Trust who is hosting this meeting.

1. Partner introduction

All persons present introduced themselves.

2. Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting in The Hague were approved.

Maps of Euromapping

The maps from Euromapping have been removed from the NIWE website. The members do not want to pay an extra fee of € 400.00 for the maps. Nico will contact David Edwards-May and send an e-mail.

3. NIWE 2015


There are Full Members and Sustaining Members (such as universities).The Full Member Fee is €

500.00 per year and the Sustaining Member Fee is € 250.00. Six members have signed the MoU as a Full Member.


finances will be evaluated next time.

4. Update EU funding programme

Stephen gives an update on the EU funding programmes. All partners have received his presentation.

  • North sea Region
  • North west End
  • Atlantic Region

Other partners are invited to give a presentation about other funding programmes outside these areas .


The purpose of this exercise was to establish each partner organization’s Strategic Objectives to establish common strategic links between member partners which will provide the basis for future joint working opportunities.

Partner organizations were also asked to provide their priority themes for future project ideas.


Strategic Objective – Safeguard Heritage, Build a Future


  1. Empowered, motivated people
  2. Help create stronger communities
    • Surface water drainage
    • Renewables; water, heat, wind
    • ICT (especially in rural communities
  3. Sustainable income


Strategic Objective – Restore derelict sections of Cotswold Canal


  1. Heritage Infrastructure
  2. Sustainably managed heritage
  3. Sustainable income
  4. People; Skills, Experience, Volunteering
  5. Natural Environment, (Bio-diversity corridor)
  6. Local prosperity / Quality of Life improved


Strategic Objective – Raise image of European Inland Waterways through strategic communication leading to UNESCO World Heritage Site status


  1. Creation of a transboundary team of researchers and consultants
  2. Creation of one stakeholder group per region
  3. Thematic workshops
  4. Policy co-ordination platform
  5. Creation of waterscapes
  6. Job creation and Economic Stimulation
  7. Creation and adoption of management plans
  8. Creation of a network of Anchor points
  9. Development of Heritage Festivals
  10. House Networks


Strategic Objectives – transforming the waterway corridor into a sustainable resource that will provide economic benefits and be accessible for all, with the ability to host a range of activities.


  1. Sharing knowledge and skills with partner authorities and the public (including volunteers and unemployed)
  2. Development of innovative designs (sustainable lock gate project)
  3. Development and adoption of management plan
  4. Education (especially youth)


Strategic Objective – TBC upon completion of organisational restructure


  1. Safeguarding built and natural heritage
  2. Economic Development
  3. Social Inclusion
  4. Community Empowerment – connecting communities to their waterways
  5. Arts and Cultural Activities programme
  6. Leisure Infrastructure (Towpaths, Canoes, fishing hubs)
  7. Facilitation of Social Enterprises


Strategic Objective – Tourism and Regional Development


  1. Social Equality and Inclusion, particularly a female perspective into Waterways
  2. Facilitating business opportunities for SMEs
  3. Health and Wellbeing
  4. Craft Enterprises (particularly from immigrant communities)
  5. ICT / Digital Agenda
  6. Climate Change and Flooding
  7. Increase in Freight on lake and River
  8. Multifunctional use of waterways
  9. Improving strategic relations with Norway


Strategic Objective – to link waterways for increased accessibility for safer recreation.


  1. Safety
  2. Sustainable Development
  3. Improvement and safeguarding of cultural heritage
  4. Network improvements


Strategic Objective – Increase Tourism and Dwellings within the Regional Park


  1. Sustainable Tourism with an emphasis on local needs
  2. Development of business clusters
  3. Improving landscapes
  4. Increasing the volunteer offer
  5. Increase local and international co-operation
  6. Marketing
  7. Re-use of historical buildings
  8. Multifunctional use of waterways

5. Closing remarks

The next meeting will take place in Copenhagen on April 15th 2015 to brainstorm on ideas of new projects. All members will be asked for their project ideas which will be evaluated in the next meeting. Randers Fjord will host this meeting.

Nico thanks everybody for his/her contribution to this meeting.