RIVER partners have put together a questionnaire to collect information about the potential market uptake for the RIVER technologies developed and trialled in the project. They want to find out more about the market the IWT market and ask for information for each country of the project about:

  • How many shipowners are there?
  • How many ships are in operation?
  • How many ship constructors are there?

The questionnaire is finalised, so the project communications leader CIRCOÉ has asked for it to be circulated to as many IWT stakeholders as possible. It has been sent to “IWT actors on large scale (Ship owners, Transport companies, Ports, Clusters, Associated partners…)” and now seek a wider sample.

NIWE is supporting RIVER and member are being asked to fill out the questionnaire and / or forward the link directly by email to other contacts in the industry.

The survey is accessible via this link