Partners of the Interreg North Sea Region, Sullied Sediments project have recently been working together to produce an online Volunteer Guide for the citizen science programme, RiverDip.  The online guide consists of a microsite and video guiding volunteers on how they can get involved!

The guide shows, how with the use of a paper device known as a PAD, which have been previously created by the Sullied Sediments partners, volunteers can take samples of water from the canals and rivers and measure the phosphate levels. The RiverDip App, also previously created by partners, can then be used to upload results.

It not only contains information on how volunteers can help but also why the programme is so important!


The guide can be found at

This data is then collated and presented via an online map and shared with organisations who can use the information in a positive way to improve the water courses.

The RiverDip volunteer programme was suspended due to the Covid-19 situation, but partners are delighted to announce they are hosting a free workshop held in Ghent on Monday 12th October 2020.

For more information on the Sullied Sediments project and volunteer programme, please visit