Article by: Waterways Ireland


The Waterways Irelands Education team were delighted to be involved in Engineers Week once again this year.


STEPS Engineers Week ran from February 27th to March 5th. Waterways Ireland got involved by sharing our ‘Who wants to be an Engineer’ online workshop. With the help of Waterways Ireland Engineers, the education team put together a presentation which introduced students to the various types of engineering and provided a glimpse of some of the engineering projects Waterways Ireland has delivered. The workshop also linked to a range of curriculum linked resources which are available through the Waterways Ireland Learning Zone website.

Engineers Ireland coordinate this event annually and its success is made possible through the participation of engineering professionals across Ireland. Waterways Ireland has participated in the event each year showcasing its important engineering role across the waterways corridor. Engineers Week is an opportunity to highlight engineering as a career and recognise the importance of this continually evolving profession. The event is also an ideal opportunity to promote the positive contribution made by Waterways Ireland to local communities.

Like many others during these challenging COVID-19 times, the education programme adapted and evolved to meet the rapidly changing needs of its target audience. With the introduction of home schooling, a programme of weekly posts across Waterways Ireland’s social media platforms was developed. During Engineers week, we shared a daily video with engineering as the theme. The videos featured some Stories form the Waterways along with the Shannon Blueway extension and Roosky Lock gate installation.